Friday, March 9, 2012

Top 5 Online Guitar Lessons

Hi Guys, what if I give you some nice guitar lessons sites? The link that I'm gonna give, sure will help you a lot whether if you are a expert or a newbie in guitar, doesn't matter It will surely consists some good information for you.

1> :- It was given by my guitar teacher who wanted to help me through the guitar lessons. And hey the best thing about this is ,,, IT'S ABSOLUTELY FREE

2> :- This one also gave by the same person. It has the same futures as above one but it contains of some bundles of articles. For example for your preference if you decide to stop playing your guitar by using plectrums (also guitar pics), then they have the solution for this like this one :- . But if you are really a solid beginner I would prefer by starting with the first link.

3> :- Here comes my favourite. This one also a free site for you to learn great guitar lessons. And the dude over there is really cool. But once you got you head into his lessons you will never get bored I assure that upon only one condition, you should be really enthusiastic to learn to play guitar. I like his his quote goes this way 
For one, I believe that education should never come at a premium...
I really love this quote. And this is really one of the most up to date free sites ever. You could use this as a forum too. 

4> :- This one is partially free and if you want to further continue you have to spend some bucks but it worth of spending cause this guy really knows how to get the stuffs easily in to your head. He even has a facebook page. You could check out that one also, there you can find a FREE MINI GUITAR COURSE. To visit to his facebook page click here.

5> :- Yeah the last one but not the least. This one of course you have to spend some bucks from your pocket in order to grab those lessons. But I repeat once you registered with them it will be really one of the best decisions you have ever made in your life. And not like elsewhere, here you can find number of teachers in categories such as for Acoustic, Electric, And even you can find artists too performing on stages. And ummm  yeah there is one other thing.. from there you can get tabs chords for famous songs. They are fully up to date.

6> :- I just found this address recently, and it's really great for beginners. They have some very clear way of approaching newbies, from how to tune a guitar using a guitar tuner. I hope this additional thing will help you a lot..

may be this one too Morphis ...  <--- This one is great.. have separate lessons for each problem you encounter

P.S - I'm sorry for saying top 5 and giving you 6 links. It happened because I found this one a bit later, and I don't want to change the title because it sounds cool if we say TOP 5 rather than top 6  ...  so hear you go.. choose your favourite site and start your guitar lessons.

And yes that's it. I hope you find it useful. Since I want more inspirations from you guys.. support my blog by following me on facebook, twitter , +google , and put your E-mail address in to my mailing list too, and I guarantee you will be happy for this...  
I want your suggestions and comments please feel free to add comments. 

Free Guitar Lessons

I find it very useful for whom who can't afford or simply want to learn to play guitar at home..  click the link that I have provided below or Click the image
Free Guitar Lessonns


It's a confusing situation if you got the the wrong tabs for the song of your GF


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